Dare 2B Free

Featured Photographer: Iga Drobisz [Exclusive BITE Blog Series]
Stylist: Rinat Welsing Model: Slawosz Feym Fliegner

Suit: Strenesse


Featured Photographer: Iga Drobisz [Exclusive BITE Blog Series]

Stylist: Rinat Welsing 
Model: Slawosz Feym Fliegner

Suit: Strenesse

(Source: bitemagazine)


hey guys,

let me introduce you to something i really need to share. a childhood dream is actually comparable to the story i’m gonna tell. all the huge tv stars i know from back in the days like batman and knight rider (just a few to mention) are not only heroes because of the simple fact that they save asses - no - it’s more than that… they drive big mad expensive nice cars - indeed - this is what makes them to real heroes…

… ok, maybe i didn’t make it to a screen hero with a car i always wanted to have - but i got hold of something that makes me feel like a hero …

this lookin’ like ‘milli vanilli’ jacket is a beast that always needs to be under observation.

…and i’m telling you that this underground garage has never seen something like that before - with an exhaust pipe that walks all over batmans batmobile and an navigation that makes knigh rider looking like hasselhoff!

…this brightly polished leather jacket deserves an own serial number plate

… and hell yeah - it does makes the cute mercedes benz lookin’ like a ridiculous joke

… with rims not from this world - not even xbit had the honour to favour somebody with this shit

mission ‘childhood dream’ - possible!

shots by maddy



it´s time for me to show you guys my other side - the one - which is more intimate.

» the ‘bad’ side of me«

but not the one you are thinking of … i rather wanna take you to the place where my day begins each and every morning…

blazer on top: maison & scotch/ blazer underneath: from bangkok/ basic shirt & pants are from h&m

rings: from dong xuan center/ h&m and primarkt


me… ready to run the day

shots by rinatus


the toilet issue

with my funny-fly pants which i got from the siam paragon in bangkok - the best place ever to find something to wear ;)

i’m going nuts

wearing the pants makes me even able to handle some michael moves, yehaa!

shoes: T.U.K / sweater: scotch & soda

Annie are you okay
will you tell us that you’re okay
there’s a sign on the window
that he struck you a crescendo Annie

shots by maddy

a smoooooth criminal!


hey guys - it´s titty-time again!

rinatus was talking about how to deal with some cold winter days - guys wear skeleton gloves to worm up themselves.

girls wear skeleton catsuits to heat up the world - yehaa!


coat: h&m/ shoes: zara/ belt: from vietnam/ skeleton catsuit: kids h&m

shots by rinat



it´s december and cold outside - indoors: the time we are drinking alot of hot tea while sitting by the fireside. outdoors: the time we put some warm clothes on for the simple reason that we don´t have to freeze. stylish gloves are always a must  have for each winter season - this time i´ll be accompanied by some spooky skeleton gloves which effects more than just some warm fingertips ;)

fear factor 100 yehaa! 

to cool for lookbook.nu - see below: buhhhhhh

get them :D yehaaa!

hat:h&m/ shirt: selected homme/ coat: vintage/ gloves: euro shop


shots by hello titty


london is calling!

these two london guys are more than an attraction - they do understand exactly what it means to be free - and hell yeah -they dare to be free!!!

jackee and hllywd are coming from a fashion capital not to far from berlin but unfortunately still far ahead from berlin! the fashion metropole ‘London’ has loads of people with an unique vision of fashion - wich is something i sometimes still miss here in berlin.

BUT we are getting there :)

… like to mention the nice contrast of the shaggy fur-coat and the colourful silk cloth

the pic above shows a vision of a desert boot we not gonna see that often ;)

coming to america is one of my favorite movies - at this point i just need to bring up that these two london guys really reminds me of akim´s story.

apart from murphy´s dream to find the right woman in his life without letting her know that he is a prince - i guess that these guys got stories to tell and reasons why they found their way to berlin


… let me call it the christmas pastel colour look

and there we go again - i love the contrast of the bomber jacket and the kind of cute wolves swaeter

woof woof

dare 2b free


the time has come - in neukölln is permanent bulk rubbish and nobody is really interested in the red loveseat standing in front of our building  - but that´s fine - we know what to do with the blur of colour in our gloomy neighborhood.

after the little inspiration below - you will understand what i mean

Thomas Penfound photographed by Stefan Zschernitz and styled by Santi Rodriguez for the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Metal magazine

coat, shirt and pants are all vintage from humana


shoes are from j.briggs


shots by hello titty


…few days ago we were shooting with the model ‘leona’ from modelwerk…

there were two things i really loved about that girl - on the one hand her very special and unique voice and on the other hand her very special and personal tattoo. to me, her tatto is one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen on the back of someones body. leona´s best friend wrote that poem for her with the age of fifteen. now, eight years later - she is keeping the words of her turkys friend not only on a sheet, but even very close to her heart.

in the pic below you will see an editorial shot of leona - the girl with the most amazing tattoo!


                                                               you and i - shot by rinat